Celebrate 10 Initiative

In 2016, HighPoint celebrated our 10 year anniversary by kicking off Ten Initiatives we believe God is calling us to embark on over the next 10 years. These initiatives give us an overall vision of directives. They can be broken down into 4 categories: 

1.) In Our Church - We want to contribute to the ministry we are currently doing by enhancing our campus to make us more viable and effective to those God brings our way on a weekly basis. From the preschool to the pulpit, we want to provide a better environment for worship, education, and unity.

2.) In Our Community - We want to make a deeper impact on the people living within the walls of our community by providing more opportunities and better ways for the community to connect with each other and with us.

3.) In Our State - We want to deepen out commitment to making disciples by stretching our reach beyond our community borders and taking what we do into the rest of the state.

4.) In Our World - We want to deepen our commitment to making disciples around the world by committing more resources (People and Funds) to targeted areas, missionaries, and ministries around the world.

How can you get involved?

Each of the Ten Initiatives is outlined below. Take some time to read through them. See which one(s) you might want to be involved in. Then...

Pray - Be in prayer for the people, funds, and other resources needed to accomplish each initiative.

Serve - We need our church to come alongside us in making these happen. If you are interested in helping push any of these initiatives forward, we'd love to hear from you! Complete our volunteer form, or reach out to us at info@highpointcommunitychurch.org to get involved.


We have completed some of these initiatives and still have a few years to bring the others across the finish line. Your contributions can be directed into a general C10 Fund, or you can choose any one initiative to support. 

  • Our Phase 1 construction will consist of the addition of a new 6,000 square foot commons area that will run the length of our current facility like a wide corridor. The new facade will give a face lift to the entire exterior of our current buildings. The construction will consist of steel framing and will be faced with a variety of materials (Natural Stone, EIFS, and Insulated Glass). It will also include a contemporary metal awning over the new doors/ entrance areas. 

    This new commons area will be home to our information desk as well as our new "Connection Point" area. This is a designated space where Pastor Joey and other staff and/ or deacons will be available to chat with anyone following our services each Sunday. One other major benefit to this renovation is it will allow us to bring our KidPoint Check in area into this new space. This will help tremendously with congestion in our KidPoint foyer area and making the overall functionality inside the KidPoint area much more conductive for a secure check in and check out process. 

    Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our project has been designed by Project 29 Eleven Architects who have worked with some of the largest churches in the country. We are currently in conversations with general contractors for both phases of construction as well. 

  • The first day we walked on this land at Morris Cobb, our eyes were immediately drawn to a natural indention in the topography that resembled an amphitheater. It was as if someone has started excavating for one but never got to complete the project, but this was not the case. What we have on our property is a natural amphitheater- like hole that is built into the lay of the land. No doubt it was built by nature under God's provident hand. It has been an initiative of this church since day one to go ahead and finish what nature started-- to build an outdoor amphitheater that can host large outdoor events, weddings, and services. Our Pastor has expressly mentioned when it is finished, he wants to have Easter services  in the amphitheater as well as summer baptisms. That is why we are calling this the "Sunshine Initiative". Plus, the view of the mountain ranges from the amphitheater is amazing and creates an air of worship for the One who created them. When this initiative is complete, we will have an amphitheater that houses a large outdoor stage with outdoor production capabilities, groomed and manicured terraces for easy seating, groomed meadow in front of the stage, concrete steps that run from top terrace to the meadow, connecting sidewalks, landscaping with trees for shade, light-post stations that can illuminate entire seating areas, and a privacy wall between the top terrace and Morris Cobb Road. The Parking Lot expansion that goes with the ReNew Initiative Phase 1 will serve as the parking for the Amphitheater. 

  • Morris Cobb Road is the only feeder road to our property; therefore, it is a heavily trafficked road. Unfortunately Morris Cobb Road was originally a dirt tractor road that eventually was paved. It was only used by the few locals that lived here so there was no need to make it wider. Now with its connection to York Mountain Road, along with growth in residence population, and with the addition of traffic, we produce as a church, the road has become a hazard and needs to be a regulation residential two-lane road. A usual two-lane residential street has 12 foot lanes with curb and gutter. If it doesn't have curb and gutter, it has at least a 4ft shoulder for wider trucks. Morris Cobb Road is currently only 16ft wide. This forces at least one car off the shoulder in order to make room for oncoming traffic. In addition to driver safety, there is also water shedding issues because of lack of road side draining. 

    Morris Cobb Road is a country road under Walker County jurisdiction. Therefore, this initiative requires a partnership between us and Walker County. We are currently in talks with the commissioner about our role in making this initiative happen. Because county funds are always at a premium and in competition with many county projects, as a church we will have to help resource and fund the initiative to see it happen. 

    The Cobb Initiative is to turn Morris Cobb Road into a 24 ft two-lane road with either curb and gutter or a 4ft shoulder from the 4-way stop at County Line to past the amphitheater. This would service our church and hopefully allow the county to pick up where we leave off and finish the rest of Morris Cobb. Because there are no residences across from the church, we will not have to worry about disturbing anyone's mailboxes or property.

  • As multiple initiatives are checked off the list, these will naturally result in the continued and perhaps accelerated growth of our local church body. To accommodate this continued growth, at some point we will need to enter into Phase 2 of our building construction that includes a new worship center and expanded education space. 

    The construction of the new commons space during Phase 1 will seamlessly flow into the future construction of Phase 2 as that common space extends to connect our new worship center and education space. This extended commons area will include a new expanded "Connection Point" area as well as larger bathrooms to serve the 734 seat auditorium.

    Our new worship space will feature floor seating as well as theater seating in the rear of the room. This helps in creating a worship space that is larger in scale but still has an intimate feel for all parts of a service. The theater seating also creates two tunnel type entrances into the room that doubles as a sound and light lock. This greatly reduces the amount of distraction when doors open and close in the back of the room. The worship area will also include all updated Audio/ Visual as well as a built in baptistery and changing rooms allowing us to have baptisms more frequently. 

    In addition to the new worship center, there will also be a new two story education corridor. This education space will double the amount of classrooms we currently have but most importantly they will also be larger in size. This allows each class to have a space that can serve as both a classroom and fellowship area. This expanded education space will also allow for the current adult classrooms to be gifted over to our KidPoint ministry, if necessary. 

  • Corner is an interesting community. It sits in the corner of 3 counties, and of all the communities that border Corner, it is the only community that is not incorporated. In other words, Corner does not have a post office, city hall, or municipalities that take care of community concerns. This means the community has to be run and maintained by the families who live here. But this has never stopped people from moving here. At one time, Corner was the #1 place to buy a house in the state of Alabama. Because the community is run and maintained by the residents, our county schools heavily rely on PTO and parent involvement to help carry out their endeavors. Because of this responsibility, Corner has not really advanced in the area of community projects that meet community needs because we are so overwhelmed with the needs of our children. The county did build a new high school, but beyond that there has not been much in the way of progress. We believe this creates an incredible opportunity for any church to step up and serve the families in our community. We believe HighPoint can meet a serious need this community desperately needs.

    There is a great need for a local Family Park. Corner does not have what constitutes as a park designed just for the family. While Corner does have what the Community Park, it serves more as a recreational park for sports. What the community needs is a Family Park that is purely for the family. A Family Park is nothing more than playgrounds, gazebos, picnic tables, a meadow for frisbees, kites, and backyard football. We would also install an exercise walking track around the perimeter of the park. This Initiative would function as a safe place for families to come and be lazy, get in some needed exercise, and/or just let their children play. The gazebos are large and can be reserved for birthday parties or family gatherings. This Initiative will require some serious benefactors as we will need to implement an administrative plan internally that syncs with the office and we will need to purchase land and then develop it. Currently we are in talks with purchasing the land across the street from the church. We are interested in this piece of property because this would make the park visible from County Line Rd. Also in conjunction with The Cobb Initiative, this would help create a manicured look for people as they come down Morris Cobb. It could also create overflow parking for the church if it is ever needed. We can’t think of a better place for families to enjoy each other than right under the shadow of our church. This initiative will take time to fund, but it will be certainly worth it and a community game changer as well.

  • HighPoint Community Church is a place where families in our community can come to elevate their lives. It is no secret the majority of families living in our area are outdoors people. In order to connect with so many of these families, we have long since had a vision for a property off campus where we can use the great outdoors to impact families’ lives. This is where HighPoint Ranch comes in. HighPoint Ranch will be a place where hope and faith meet the great outdoors. Through the ministries of HighPoint, the Ranch will be utilized as a resource to connect people in the surrounding area with our church by acting as a bridge from activities people are passionate about and connecting them with Jesus who we are passionate about. Every weekend or event at the Ranch will come with an opportunity for attenders to make Jesus their Lord and we could have outdoor baptisms. The Ranch will be considered another campus of the church and used as a destination for many outdoor activities. These activities are but not limited to, Father and Son weekends, Father in the Field weekends, Friend in the Field weekends, fishing weekends, summer camp for kids, marriage retreats, church picnics, etc. This Initiative will seek to locate and secure secluded property in the neighborhood of 1000 acres. Then it would include developing that land into hunting fields, a man-made lake, and lodging around the lake. In the future, all of our wild game feasts that we call “Beast Feast” will help build support for this initiative. If this makes your heart jump, then pray about being a benefactor to make this Initiative a reality sooner rather than later.

  • In the DNA of HighPoint Community Church is a very definitive code that defines who we are at the core of our being. By our very nature we are a church plant. Church planting is a process that results in a new (local) Christian Church being established. Since we are 10 years old now, it is getting more and more difficult to consider us a (new) Christian Church that is still being established. We are no longer in the phase of being established but rather established and now endeavoring into new work. Statistically, every church that has its roots in church planting will eventually one day plant another church. Sometimes that happens in another part of the world and sometimes it happens in the community next door. Nevertheless, a planted church will eventually plant again because it is in their DNA.

    As a Church, we have been praying for God to make it apparent to us when it is time to plant again. The Westside Initiative is God’s answer. Westside Baptist Church in Warrior, Alabama was founded in 1886. It sits next to I-65 on Dana Road. Westside has served that area preaching the gospel for over 128 years. Unfortunately, the church was unable to keep its doors open and voted in December of 2014 to close its doors at the end of January of 2015. It also voted to transfer the property and all assets to the North Jefferson Baptist Association. Since this transfer, the church has sat dormant for a year and 10 months while the association sifted through many options for Westside. Because of our DNA, we saw an opportunity to plant a church that could help one of our neighboring communities. The North Jefferson Baptist Association voted unanimously to put the future of Westside in our hands. HighPoint now officially has a new location and a secondary campus. The new name for the church will be called Westside Community Church, with a tagline…A Campus of HighPoint Community Church. We embark on this Initiative with the sole intent of making Westside Community Church an autonomous church within six years. Please consider being a benefactor for this Initiative through your prayers and your gifts. Click Here to visit the West Side Campus page.

  • The availability of quality media in our culture has become a basic necessity when an organization desires for their message to be heard. We believe the message we carry is one of such importance that it requires us to utilize every avenue.

    As part of this initiative we will be pressing to make our weekly services available through live streaming as well as greatly improve the experience for a regular attender that wants to catch up when they have missed. By having professional quality video recordings of our services each week, this will greatly expand our reach throughout our region, state, and even our country.

    In order for this to become a reality, our church will need to purchase professional level video equipment that will allow us to record and then broadcast in HD quality. As part of this initiative, we already have in the plans for our Phase 2 construction project to include a state-of-the-art video production suite.

    One other exciting piece of this initiative is the updates and expansion of HighPoint’s web presence. Our current website will be undergoing a major facelift and upgrade in the area of media. To accompany this would be the release of HighPoint’s very own mobile app. The app would be made available on all major mobile platforms and could be used to view Sunday services on demand. Another tremendous benefit of the app is that it would allow for push notifications of up-to-the-minute information for anyone who downloads the HighPoint App to his/her device.

  • It’s no news to anyone living in the state of Alabama that we are in one of the country’s most tornado prone areas. In April of 2011, our church and area were surrounded by total devastation. While we were spared, many of our neighboring communities were not. Our church became a drop off location for help coming in from around the state and country. Our church was turned into a distribution center of clothes, shoes, and other needed items for displaced families. Also, teams of people went out from our church armed with chainsaws and other debris moving equipment. In all honesty, we were ill-prepared for such devastation. Furthermore, many volunteers were held at bay by National Guard and FEMA for safety reasons and not allowed into areas hardest hit in order to help. Since then, there have been many conversations as we have had devastation from tornadoes on an annual basis. The conversations pointed to the same thing: we need to be ready to help in a more strategic way. That is when the M.E.R.K. Initiative started to take root. One of the things that is needed in areas devastated by tornadoes is hot meals. Hot meals bring a sense of calm to chaotic situations. Additionally, misplaced families, workers, and rescue personnel all need a hot meal to keep going. This is where a Mobile Emergency Response Kitchen trailer can come in. To roll into an area and be serving hot meals in minutes would be an invaluable asset. In fact, the Mobile Kitchen could be used a variety of functions around the church and around the community. When the benefactors have fully funded this Initiative, we will start the construction of this trailer.

  • God laid His plans to redeem us before creation even began. Therefore, no one should be denied hearing the message of salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. God wants none to perish (2 Pet. 3:9). This is why Churches are to be missionary communities. The first missionaries were sent by interruption of the Holy Spirit at a prayer meeting in Antioch (Acts 13:2). Helping to feed and clothe the poor, finding jobs for the unemployed and working for a more just world are all the work of the church. In the new heavens and new earth, such issues will vanish. What is uniquely ours to do while time remains is to be agents of reconciliation to God. Missions encompass more than evangelism, but evangelism is the heart of missions. If we are not focused on others, our church can become like a tired corporation—having lost our sense of purpose and zeal, as we focus on status-quo bureaucracy. This is not the HighPoint way. Generosity must define us, direct us, and deliver us to a world that so desperately needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have identified four worthy organizations globally and locally who are humble, loving, and Spirit-filled organizations with excellent character. They advance the work of the Kingdom with great sacrifice. We want to be a part of their efforts.