Adult ministries


Onsight Bible Studies are small groups that meet on campus every Sunday morning during our 10 AM Discipleship Hour. This hour allows you to attend the worship service of your choice and be involved in an Onsight Class. There are classes for all ages from children (KidPoint) to senior adults (Top of the Hill). Classes cover various topics and spiritual subjects that are relative to the group. Often, the class curriculum coordinates with the sermon series for those who seek to dive deeper. One of the main benefits of our Onsight classes is to connect with others and "do life" with them. Onsight groups become friends and a support system. Class members care for each other, prayer for one another, host showers, bring dinners, and rally around each other. 

Use these links for information about each class, or register and we'll connect you with a class. 

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Men's ministry


This is our goal in Men’s Ministry - to sharpen and strengthen one another. In Exodus and Deuteronomy, the Scriptures say that every male was required to gather with other men and appear before the Lord three times a year. HighPoint will be giving the men of our church this opportunity in 2020. We have planned three special events this year to bring men together to be encouraged and engaged in their walk with God. There are also men’s small groups that meet at different times throughout the year. Currently, one meets in a member’s barn! 

Women's Ministry

Our vision is to point ladies to Christ through fellowship, Bible studies and service. We offer a regular monthly fellowship the third Thursday of each month to help deepen our relationships with one another. We provide Bible studies throughout the year and we have a retreat planned in the fall of 2020 for spiritual growth. Our women’s ministry has participated in numerous community service opportunities including providing the school counselor with hygiene supplies and school supplies, hosting a diaper drive for the North Jefferson Women’s Center, and we have ministered to our church family and community in various other ways. 

Please follow the link below to check out our Facebook page. There, you’ll find daily devotionals, encouragement, prayer requests, and opportunities to serve! 

Project 28

Project 28 gets its name from the Great Commission found in Matthew 28.  It is a year-long journey of discipleship that will transform anyone who goes through it. The journey was developed by our pastor from years of trial and error. In its 12th year of existence, the evolution of this journey has gone through the refiner's fire and is heralded by its students as one of the best. In this journey you will start easy and gradually be introduced to more and more. The process is so subtle, you will not realize how deep you have gone. Most people use the ocean as an analogy. You enter in ankle deep and before long you are swimming with life that you never knew was possible. Ask yourself this question, if you were offered $1 million dollars at this very moment to say all 66 books of the Bible without messing up, would you walk away a millionaire? If not, P28 can change that. If you were made the same offer but you had to say at least 4 Bible verses without messing up along with their reference, would you walk away wealthy? Project 28 shows you how to memorize in ways you've never thought possible. P28  is the nuts and bolts of discipleship and HighPoint is making it available, but it is up to you to start the assembly.

Our 2021 class has already started, but check back soon to sign up for the 2022 class!