onsight classes

Below you'll find information on all our current Onsight Classes.

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  • Top of the Hill - Ben Whorton

    Room 100 Main Hallway

    Senior adults studying God’s word together and looking to inspire and encourage younger generations to run their race well. Also, we never turn down a good pot luck.  Ages 60 and up

  • Glory Days - Tim Tavel

    Room 200 Main Hallway

    Middle aged couples studying Gods word, searching His will for our lives, and doing life together. Come join in and share this journey with us as we discover that God still has a plan for us. 

  • Huff's Hodgepodge - Mike Huff

    Room 300 Main HALLWAY

    A group of believers of all ages and backgrounds studying God’s Word in various ways.  We walk through books of the Bible at times and other times we use video or book curriculum. Come join us as we push each other to grow as followers of Christ. 

  • Through the Bible - Ralph McCracken

    Room 400 Main Hallway

    A group that desires to grow together as followers of Christ by digging into God’s Word walking through books of the Bible one chapter at a time. All ages welcome, singles and couples.

  • Mountaineers - jason cannon

    Room 500 Main Hallway

    Mountaineers are natives of mountainous regions and climb mountains for sport. Mountaineers have a goal and they press forward to reach the summit. They are not afraid to climb high nor are they afraid to fall. As children of God we are instructed to grow into maturity and fruitfulness. Our class is focused on spiritual growth. If you want to be loved and challenged come climb with us. 2 Peter 1:3-11. All ages welcome, currently mostly 20's - 30's.

  • Sojourners - david & denise Cooner

    Annex building 1

    Our goal is to be a true community of believers offering encouragement to one another in this journey called life. Adults age 30’s - 60’s

  • Home Builders - James & Davis

    A group of young married couples, some with children of various ages, coming together for Gospel-centered discipleship. Our goal is to build the foundation of our homes on the Word of God.

  • Young adults - alex & holly Varden

    College students and young professionals coming together for community and discipleship by walking through books of the Bible. On Sunday mornings, ladies meet in the Upper Room above the commons, while guys meet in the basement conference room.