Top of the hill

Classes are temporarily suspended due to Covid 19. We are optimistic they will open back up in line with the start of the new school year. We invite you to join us in person for service Sundays at 9:15am and 11am. 

What We Believe

You won't find the term "Over the Hill" in the Bible and you won't find it in our church.

There is only one place over the hill will take you and that is down. This is why we call our Senior Adult Ministry, "Top of the Hill." There is no such thing as retirement in God's economy. We trade our retirement for His glory!

  • We believe we are called to serve God no matter how young or how old. There are too many in our faith family who need wise counsel in their marriage, in their parenting, and through their crisis.
  • We believe that God has called us to serve this community for his glory through this church.
  • We also understand that growing in Christ will never be complete until the day we see him face to face. 

Service Times

  • Sunday Morning: Onsight Bible Study at 11:00 AM in Room 100
  • Wednesday Night: Bible Study at 6:30 PM at the residence of Shirley Hill.