Puggles teaches toddlers 4 of the most basic precepts of Christianity. The program can be used in conjunction with AWANA club time or in a nursery or Bible study child care and includes take home cards so parents can reinforce the lessons.


Lots of fun and an introduction to God's word for preschoolers, Cubbies encourages these little ones to begin to make scripture a part of their lives through parent-child activities.


Friendship building and the gospel message for K- 2nd graders, Sparks teaches children about Jesus through games and introduces small peer-group interaction. 

T&T (Truth & Training)

Evangelism and discipleship for 3rd graders- 4th graders, T&T leads children into a deeper relationship with God and teaches them to reach out to others through mission projects. 

AWANA Service Times

Get your kids into one of the most dynamic programs that will teach them the Bible and everything they need to know in applying it to their lives. AWANA meets every Wednesday nights at 6:30.